Elyse Machel




It doesn't matter how you got here. It only matters that you've arrived. Welcome to my little corner on the 'net.

A yearning brought you here. For hearty laughter, or thrilling adventure, or sun-kissed skin on sweat-soaked sheets. Whatever the reason, we can both agree there's nothing quite like a beautiful woman wearing your name on her lips in the throes of passion.


Won't you let me wear yours?




I Am: Slim yet curvy at 5'8". Afro-European. Bisexual. Deliciously kissable. Highly educated. Indelibly inked (can you spot my tattoos?). Shamelessly myself, there's no "persona" with me.

I Enjoy: Morning runs & morning afters. Big bows on gifts & wrists.  Pitted dates & perfect dates. Returning a familiar touch. Plants, pearls, & pleasure. Kimonos, kisses, & caresses. Sweet nothings paired with filthy words. Being utterly, thoroughly, ridiculously spoiled. Silk, stockings, & sky-high stilettos. The smell of old, dog-eared books.  Gin mills & other cheap thrills. Trying anything thrice. Late night city lights. Last minute getaways. Waking up in a lover's arms.


A Tryst with Elyse

1 Hour | 600

3 Hour | 1300

6 Hour | 2000

1 Day | 4500

2 Hours | 1000
4 Hours  | 1500*

Clock-free Overnight | 3700

2 Days | 6000

*4 hour first date minimum for new suitors. Here's why.

Extensions? 500/hr      2500/day

I adore the slow unwinding of a date. The seductive anticipation of meeting someone new, the nervous smiles, the "accidental" brushes against each other's skin. I want to know what brings you pleasure, what sets your mind ablaze. I want to know you.


Lunch + 2 Hours |1300*

Dinner + 3 Hours | 1800*

Social Date | 300/hr

Discount on a FMTY to a Bucket List destination*

*50% deposit for current suitors. Available for new suitors with 100% deposit.



Always feel free to let me know if you've got a different plan for us in mind. Thinking of a weekend getaway?  Or maybe guaranteed time with me every month? Send me an email, I'd love to hear your ideas on making the most out of our connection.


I simply adore decisive suitors. Whether you're a local lover in need of some vacation company or an out-of-town admirer who'd love to finally meet, I'm prepared to be with you at a moment's notice. The rates below include my airfare for US domestic FMTY dates.

4 Hours | 2200

Overnight | 4000

2 Days | 7500

4 Days | 11,500

6 Hours | 2700

1 Day | 5000
3 Days  | 9500

7 Week | 17000

Extensions?  2500/day



1. I ask for a small deposit to lock in all dates.

2. There's always ample private time for us on extended dates. Just remember I'm my sexiest self when well fed & rested (min. 6 hours sleep).

3. Life happens! Please let me know if you are unable to make our date. Note that a 50% cancellation fee applies to all dates cancelled within 48 hours of meeting & a 100% fee within 24 hours of meeting.


Introduce Yourself

Every great connection begins with hello. You've learned a bit about me. Teach me something about you, too.

Be sure to tell me your name & phone, the details of our date, and some fun facts about you (hobbies, allergies, favourite things about yourself/the world etc). I encourage you to give the names of any industry colleagues willing to put in a good word for you however this is only additional information and not required for our meeting.

Still unsure of how to craft that first message? Here's a quick guide to writing an email I'll love.

You can use the inquiry form below or you can send me an email at: elysemachel@protonmail.com

I'm so excited to meet you!


Eye Candy

Aren't we all visual creatures?