• Elyse Machel

Four is a Magic Number

Those who've met me, or followed me online long enough to glean insights not immediately clear on my website, know that I lead a very active life outside of the demimonde. I am eternally grateful that I lead a life that allows me to make work I actually care about, a life that gives me room to explore connections with suitors in the demimonde. I don't for a second take it for granted that people seek me out for my company (among other deliciously wonderful things about me).

As my civilian life changes (for the better, thank God!) I've had to think about what my participation in the demimonde looks like and what it means for new suitors going forward. The simple truth is that I no longer have the time to see new suitors for short periods of time i.e. anything shorter than 4 hours for regular dates. New suitors may request date packages and these will require a 100% deposit. Current suitors are unaffected by this: by now we can consider ourselves friends and I always have time for my friends.

If you've perused my site, you've seen that I value authentic connections above all and crave to be around bold, curious, and insatiable people. I enjoy being intentional about connections, I enjoy the slow burn of anticipation before meeting, and I simply adore unrushed first dates. Where we get intimately acquainted naturally, unfolding into each other.

I realise that this doesn't work everyone, and perhaps that's sort of the point. I want you to want me. I want to get to know you. And I want us to give our connection the time, care, and attention it deserves.

So let's cook dinner together, let's go for a hike or take nude pictures on a beach. Let's watch your favourite local band, let's spend hours holed up in a suite ordering room service. Let's explore our connection thoroughly.

-Elyse xo