• Elyse Machel

Whisk Me Away, Lover

It's always fascinated me, the way we feel that the world is both overwhelmingly big and claustrophobically small. Having spent the majority of my life outside of my home country, I know intimately the kind of hunger travel can stir in your belly. How it can make you desperately, achingly, want more from the world and from yourself. I often joke that my body was built for jetsetting because I sleep so easily planes (& trains, & cars, & boats. Yes, I'm bragging). I am always thrilled to travel to a new place or revisit fond memories somewhere I've been before, especially if I get to do that with a darling suitor.

2019 has been a year of wild adventure, illicit activities, and so many plane rides I stopped keeping count. Still, I find myself hungry for more! Here is a list of places that I'm dying to visit so much I am offering an incentive to the suitor that brings me here (the longer the date, the bigger the incentive). In no particular order:


Atlanta, GA | For the big booties in (& out) the strip club, of course.

Austin, TX | I'm a sucker for hipsters, art, and hipsters making art.

Charlotte, NC | I'm kind of obsessed with Southern American men from North Carolina. I don't know why & I refuse to question it.

Houston, TX | I've heard the Nigerian/West African food scene here is insane.

Las Vegas, NV | I can't claim to be a true hedonist without having gone to Las Vegas. My reputation is at stake here!

Napa Valley, CA (or literally anywhere in wine country) | Wine is best consumed with a vineyard view.

New Orleans, LA | It's so rich with Black American spiritual history, I'd like to understand more. Also, mardi gras!

Portland, OR | Weed, mostly.

Seattle, WA | Seafood. Seafood. Seafood. (And maybe some weed).


Dakar, Senegal

Guadalajara, Mexico

Kigali, Rwanda

Luanda, Angola

Toronto, Canada